Mullingar parish ceremonies

“All are welcome” to Holy Week and Easter celebrations

It is the most important week of the year at the Cathedral, with hectic choir rehearsals, flower arrangements delicately designed and altar server practices on a daily basis.

Everyone puts enormous work into preparing for Holy Week and Easter because the ceremonies touch the very heart of what we believe in God.  We call the week ‘holy’ because we grow in holiness by entering into the depth and beauty of what the ceremonies represent.

One of the biggest Holy Week ceremonies is the Chrism Mass, this year celebrated by Bishop Deenihan for the first time. During the Chrism Mass, the Bishop blesses the holy oils for Baptisms and the Anointing of the Sick and consecrated the chrism to be used at Confirmations. All priests of the diocese of Meath are invited to renew their priestly vows during the Mass. Special prominence will be given to clergy celebrating significant jubilees, including locally born Fr David Brennan, Fr Robert McCabe, Fr Oliver Devine and also Fr John Byrne, formerly Cathedral administrator.

The Cathedral doors are open to all who wish to join us for Holy Week and Easter. Last week, the parish clergy spent a lot of time in schools, encouraging the pupils to come to ceremonies. Many of the children are really keen and interested so we’re relying on their parents and families to bring them along. There’s something in Holy Week for everyone.

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