24 Hours of Mercy

There will be 24 hours of opportunity for encountering the Lord’s love and mercy in the sacrament of confession next weekend to help celebrate the Year of Mercy.

The Cathedral of Christ the King will host “24 Hours of Mercy”, beginning on Friday 4 March at 10am with Holy Mass followed by 24 hours of adoration of the blessed sacrament.

As part of this marathon of prayer there will be a Healing Mass on Friday evening at 7.30pm, as well as Mass in candlelight at 11pm and a Dawn Mass at 4am.

Children from the parish will join us for Mass on Friday at 10am while teenagers have been given a designated period for youth prayer before lunchtime.

At least one priest will be in the Cathedral every hour to hear confessions.

The event will also allow pilgrims to pass through the Cathedral’s Holy Door of Mercy, which provides a plenary indulgence for those who are properly disposed.

The 24 hour vigil is part of the Church’s Jubilee of Mercy, declared by Pope Francis. The vigil concludes with Benediction on Saturday after Mass at 10am.

All are welcome to join us this 24 Hours of Mercy.


For a schedule of the events, check out our parish Facebook page. 

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