Fr Luke and Ministers of Holy Communion

This was the first opportunity for recently arrived Fr Luke Ohiemi to give a presentation to the Cathedral Ministers of Holy Communion.

In his talk, Fr Luke thanked the Minsters for their generous help each weekday and weekend in the Cathedral.  He gave a reflection on the meaning of the Eucharist and encouraged them to keep in mind the Church's reverence for the Eucharist in their regular assistance at the Mass.

Click here for the full text of Fr Luke's presentation.

After the talk, Fr Paul Crosbie expressed appreciation to Eileen Hope and Noreen Murtagh for their twenty-five years of service as coordinators of the Ministers of Holy Communion in the parish.  He announced that Marie O'Callaghan and Kay Spellman will succeed Eileen and Noreen as coordinators of the weekend rota while Bernadette Gibney and Mary Marshall will be responsible for the weekday rota.





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