Feast of Pentecost

Pupils from 5th class are enrolling for Confirmation at Masses in our parish today.

On this Pentecost Sunday, the children are preparing, well in advance, for receiving the sacrament of Confirmation in April 2014.

We don't celebrate Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit immediately after Easter. Instead we wait for these 50 days, so that we can look forward to the coming of God's Spirit and so that we can prepare ourselves to welcome God's Spirit taking hold of our lives in a meaningful way.

And that's why the children in 5th class are thinking, at this early stage, about how best they can get ready for Confirmation next year. They are coming to an age where they can take responsibility for their own faith. Most of them are making a commitment to come to Sunday Mass, or to pray each day, or to learn more about Jesus and what we believe.  We take this opportunity to thank the children in 5th class for taking on this level of commitment and to thank their parents for the support they are giving to their children.

A lot of our efforts as parents, priests and teachers is given to teaching the children about the faith we believe and putting it into practice. But here is one instance where the children can teach us. By taking on a faith commitment so far ahead of their confirmation, they are teaching all of us that faith needs practice and preparation. In return, we pray for them, support them and encourage them in what they are doing.



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