Feast of Christ the King

The occasion marks our parish feast day. The image of Christ as our King says something about who we are as a parish. It reminds us that, in Mullingar, we have a role to play in serving Christ our King and building his Kingdom.

The feast day was marked by a social gathering, hosted by the parish, to thank the volunteers who play their part faithfully in the life of the Church. Among those present on Saturday evening in the Parish Community Centre were Ministers of the Word, Ministers of Holy Communion, Stewards, Sacristans, Flower Groups, Children's Liturgy, St Paul's Choir and the Cathedral Cleaning Group.

We play our part as a parish in building up God's Kingdom by our worship and prayer in the Cathedral and parish churches; by reaching out to the poor through the Parish Community Centre; by caring for the sick in the hospital and homes; by supporting the bereaved though our Bethany Services; by handing on the gift of faith to children in our 9 primary schools and in the secondary schools; by preparing children and adults to meet Christ in our sacramental preparations; by taking opportunities to explain Catholic teaching, especially during the Year of Faith; by supporting couples preparing for marriage; by giving personal witness as parishioners to the faith with profess.

There are yet more things that we can do as a parish to build up God's Kingdom. But for what we are doing and for all who help us in this work, we are immensely grateful.


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