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Children's jerseys send to Honduras and Haiti

The sports appeal was launched as part of this year's Lenten campaign. Young people love football in Honduras and Haiti and they will appreciate the gifts. It reminds us that children are the same all over the world even if their circumstances are very different.

The girl on this year's Trócaire box is called Digna Portilla Amador. She's five years old and lives with her family in north east Honduras. The community is extremely poor. Families work together to farm the land and earn an income.

People here have been forced off their land time and time again by wealthy landlords who carry out violent attacks on vulnerable communities", he explains. Digna's family has endured difficult and bitterly poor years. Her father, Carlos, is one of many fathers who have struggled to provide for their families. Carlos doesn't know how they managed to survive on so little for so long.

There is hope, however, for the families in the area. With support from Trócaire, the community is in the process of securing ownership of their land where they can build proper homes and move out of make-shift plastic tents. They have also received agricultural training which will help to improve crop yields. This work is helping to ensure that the community has a reliable supply of food and can generate an income to pay for schooling and medicine.

The families of La Confianza are hard-working and resilient. Digna's mother, Carmen, says, "We're working for ourselves, we want a dignified life. We love our land for a very important reason: it is the only thing that will take our children out of poverty and give them their right to a better future".

Last year, parishes in the Diocese of Meath raised almost € 600,000 in the Lenten appeal. You can ensure that families like Digna's get the help they need by supporting Trócaire this Lent.

A special word of thanks to Frank Kiernan and the Mullingar Lions Club who contributed to the costs of transporting the jerseys to Honduras and Haiti

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